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Free SMSF Business Success Webinar - 7 October

SMSFs have grown by $80Bn in the last 14 months and continue to rack up blistering growth.  But tapping into tried and true business success principles specifically tailored for SMSFs is rare.  In this session Grant Abbott will be rolling out some key SMSF business fundamentals to implement easily and watch your SMSF business grow.  He will be supported by Ben Gill who will look at business development and Amreeta Abbott on the new SMSF collaboration game changer that is coming to town. 

The session is next Tuesday 7 October at 12.30 pm for a lunchtime.  The session is free and has one CPD point.  Don’t miss out on changing your business to take advantage of the next $100Bn in SMSF growth. 

To register simply go here:

Strategy -  Client Reserves

One of our member firms asked for a simple, easy to understand explanation of SMSF reserves and more importantly how pension reserves were treated.  So we went to work and put an article up on the NowInfinity Strategy support Centre for linking in with their client communications or for copying and pasting.  To see the article and accompanying video go here:

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Negative Gearing in a SMSF

In this video Grant Abbott talks about the importance of negative gearing inside super compared to outside....

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Concessional Contributions Case Study

James Smith is 45 and works in the mines earning $150,000 per annum with a 38.5% marginal tax rate. He has a SMSF and annually contributes $25,000 into his superannuation fund. To reduce tax he has ...

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Claim your Sponsored Membership - SMSF Members Association

A new organisation with the goal of representing the interests of all SMSF members has been established. The Australian Self Managed Super Fund Members' Association (ASMA) was officially set up ear...

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About Grant

Grant Abbott is Australia’s leading SMSF advisor, author and presenter. Specialising in the SMSF industry since 1994 he has presented on a wide range of topics covering various SMSF issues. He has personally trained more than 500 accountants, financial planners and lawyers to become specialist SMSF advisors. He has written four best selling SMSF books, presented to more than 40,000 SMSF trustees and professionals as well as having consulted to most major and boutique finance houses in Australia.