Specialist SMSF Presentations

Hear from Australia's leading SMSF trainer and presenter - Grant Abbott

Regarded as one of Australia's leading advisors, authors and presenters on SMSF policy and strategy, Grant has specialised in the SMSF industry since 1994

He has presented on a wide range of topics covering various SMSF issues and has personally trained more than 500 accountants, financial planners and lawyers to become specialist SMSF advisors.

He has written four best selling SMSF books, presented to more than 40,000 SMSF trustees and professionals as well as having consulted to most major and boutique finance houses in Australia.

Presentation topics

The range of SMSF topics that Grant can give talks and presentation are comprehensive and include:

  • SMSFs - The World's first retiree tax haven - client presentation
  • RG 146 Specialist certification
  • Accredited SMSF adviser courses
  • SMSF estate planning and the use of SMSF Wills - client presentation and adviser training
  • SMSF Trustee Training - accredited training for SMSF trustees
  • Advanced Pension Strategies
  • The Art of Reserves in SMSFs
  • Grant's Top Ten SMSF Strategies

If you have any particular areas that you would like Grant to discuss with your participants, just let us know.

Presentation fees

The fees for Grant will depend on location and duration. For those advisers that use SMSF Strategies as their exclusive trust deed provider a 50% discount applies on all training and client presentations.